Menard Vidal Inc.
7755 Leonard-de-Vinci, Montreal, Qc, Canada H2A 0A1

Mechanical contractor
Boiler making - Piping - Refractory - Bending of tubes
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Cooler 2800 sq.ft. heating surf.Waste incinerator.

Iles de la Madeleine (Quebec)

Design, manufacture and installation of a 225 000 pounds/hr radiation chamber.
Tembec, Temiscaminque (Quebec)

Convection tube installation.
Bowater, Gatineau (Quebec)
Installing of a 650 000 pounds/hr bark boilerand and of an electrostatic precipitator.
Bowater, Gatineau (Quebec)

Manufacture and installation of 2 combustion air preheating units (4 500 tubes).
Tembec, Temiscamingue (Quebec)
Design and installation of an aerial steam line.
Panfibre, Mont-Laurier (Quebec)

Complete rebuilding and installation of membrane wall in a type O boiler of 160 000 pounds/hr.
Abitibi-Bowater, Clermont (Quebec)
Replacement of 2066 stainless steel tubes in a Reboiler (70 000 pounds/ hr).
Temboard, Temiscamingue (Quebec)

Replacement of a chimney section.
Abitibi-Bowater, Baie-Comeau (Quebec)
Design, manufacture and installation of an economizer.
Tembec, Smooth Rock Falls (Ontario)

Removal of a boiler's system through the roof.
Tembec, Temiscamingue (Quebec)
Prepair and argon welding.